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Don't have a water cooler? You shouldn't miss out on this environmentally-friendly way to stay hydrated. When you work with Clear Springs Water for water cooler services, you'll have options to...

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    Choose a top-loaded or bottom-loaded cooler model

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    Have your reusable five or three-gallon refill bottles delivered

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    Enjoy hot or cold water from the same cooler

Top Loader Water Cooler
Water Cooler

Each cooler bottle has a handle for easy replacement when it's time for a refill. Order your cooler from our water cooler service in Lafayette, Youngsville, New Iberia, Broussard, Hammond, Amite City, Kentwood, LA today.

Whether you've got a water cooler in your Home or Office, it's frustrating when it doesn't work properly. Luckily, you can get next-day or sooner water cooler maintenance from Clear Springs Water in Lafayette, Youngsville or Broussard, Hammond, Amite City, Kentwood, LA. We'll provide a long-lasting fix, so you can keep enjoying cool, crisp water.

Call 337-519-3563 now to arrange for water cooler maintenance if your cooler isn't working properly.

What Our Clients are Saying About Clear Springs

Jere' Broussard Duplechin

Great product, great service, great people!! Locally owned, highly recommend!!

Jere' Broussard Duplechin

30th Oct 2022
Allison Louis

We have been using Clear Springs Water for a few months now. We are thoroughly pleased with our equipment and the service we receive from the company. They are locally owned and operated. They also have the best prices around! If you are considering using a water company, I highly recommend Clear Springs Water.


15th June 2022

Need a water cooler

You shouldn't miss out on this environmentally-friendly way to stay hydrated. Order Now! and stay hydrated.